Catching up with some best of moments from Mermaid Pictures and Printing


So as I try and make this a regular thing I will be posting some of my favorite shoots from the past. I will talk about why I like them, and how I shot them.

So lets get started.


This is from Lauren and John’s Turks and Caicos Wedding held at the beautiful Coral House on the shores of Grace Bay. I love this picture with all my heart for so many reasons, mostly because I adore them as a couple.

It was shoot just prior to her walking down the aisle . It was a quiet moment as the guests where being seated. The golden light of sunset was just starting to bask everything in that soft Caribbean glow, and everything just fell into place.

Sometimes the best images come from the moments in between planned events. When everything quiets down.

I think this is a great example of what we do here at Mermaid Pictures. We try and steal those quiet moments of anticipation and make something truly beautiful out of it.  So for that, I thank you Lauren.

One Love,


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