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What To Expect | Mermaid Pictures and Printing | Turks & Caicos

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At Mermaid Pictures and Printing, you'll find love in all our work. Our style is vintage, yet fun. It is our job to get the picture, and its your job to enjoy the moment. We capture causal moments that illustrate the love and joy of your big day. What more special way to show your love than on your wedding day? We specialize in wedding and fine art photography and make it our duty to celebrate your love and make beautiful art of your photos.

Every image is retouched and styled with the intention of enhancing your images to look their best, while retaining their natural beauty. We intend for you to be so proud of your print that they would be made into large prints to be proudly displayed. At Mermaid Pictures and Printing, we don't subscribe to the factory approach which produces poor quality prints, little customer service and a lack of attention to detail. We treat each picture as our own.

Session prices are customized to accommodate your unique, specific needs. Unlike other wedding photography studio, you wont find uniform pricing and predetermined packages. We know that your special day is as unique as you are and there is no way to fit your unique expression of love into a standardized package.

Whether your session is simple, fun, casual or elaborate, well give printed products to every customer who does a photo shoot with us. When working with a Mermaid Pictures and Printing professional, in Turks & Caicos or Miami, FL the options are endless. We promise no hidden fees, charges or surprises, so you can focus on the experience rather than fret about the bill.

Let your love be captured and remembered in its truest form. Contact Mermaid Pictures and Printing today.